Frequently Asked Questions & Information About Massage

What should I expect from my first massage?

The massage room should be clean, private and quiet.  I use music, candles, aromatherapy or soothing sounds to assist your relaxation and enhance your message. If you don't want any of those things you are free to let me know.  I also use special oil or lotions, unscented or scented. If you have something you like to use on your skin, bring it and they will be happy to use it.

If you are getting a massage for relaxation, there should be little or no talking. For deep tissue work i will be checking in with you to make sure you are tolerating the work and to remind you to breathe and relax. Sometimes light conversation is used to distract clients during the deep work.


If you are uncomfortable at all, always speak up and be honest with me about your expectations and comfort. However, at any time the massage professional feels threatened or uncomfortable with a situation, I can end the session immediately, and you will be required to pay the entire fee.

How do I prepare for a massage?

To prepare yourself for your massage, taking a nice warm shower, or a short soak in the hot tub is a great way to start to unwind and prepare yourself for the massage. Don't worry about your body type or appearance, massage therapists have seen hundreds of bodies of all types, we are here to work on YOUR body, and to do what we can to make this a positive experience for YOU.

What do I wear or how do I dress?

You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable and relaxed.  During the massage some clients prefer to be draped, covered, keep their underwear or thong on and some prefer to be nude covered with a towel, its your massage so its your choice.  I will always maintain and respect the client's boundaries.  I will not tolerate any obscene comments or rude gestures. If you do, I reserve the right to terminate the massage at anytime.

What do I do afterward?

Afterward, if you are able and not restricted due to medication, drink plenty of water to help your body's organs flush the toxins which will have been released and cleanse your tissues and cells replenishing them with new fresh blood and nutrients. Allow the effects of the massage to linger, and just let go, relax and enjoy the release of stress, soreness and pressure your body has been holding for to long

Is "tipping" the therapist expected?

While any gratuity is always at the discretion of the client, it is customary and welcomed.  Tipping the person who gave you your massage is a nice gesture if he/she has given you a good massage. If you do decide to give your therapist a tip, the amount to give is entirely up to you.  The average tip is 15-20% of the charge for the particular service the therapist performed.